Single square

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All the right angles

Single square likes to show off with its discreet hinge points and square corners. The built-in hinging mechanism makes this fixture a versatile and highly directional spotlight, which is installed using the Modular rail system.

Single square project spotlight 1
Single square project spotlight 2
Single square project spotlight 3
Single square project spotlight 4
Single square project spotlight 5
Single square project spotlight 6

All the right angles

Single square likes to show off with its discreet hinge points and square corners. The built-in hinging mechanism makes this fixture a versatile and highly directional spotlight, which is installed using the Modular rail system.


Single square LED Tre dim GI

Single square LED Tre dim GI fotoSingle square LED Tre dim GI tekening
Article Nr.ColourReflectorColour temperaturePDF
11402032black strucspot / 15°warm white / 2700KPDF
11402009white strucspot / 15°warm white / 2700KPDF
11402332black strucmedium / 25°warm white / 2700KPDF
11402309white strucmedium / 25°warm white / 2700KPDF
11402632black strucflood / 40°warm white / 2700KPDF
11402609white strucflood / 40°warm white / 2700KPDF
11402132black strucspot / 15°warm white / 3000KPDF
11402109white strucspot / 15°warm white / 3000KPDF
11402432black strucmedium / 25°warm white / 3000KPDF
11402409white strucmedium / 25°warm white / 3000KPDF
11402732black strucflood / 40°warm white / 3000KPDF
11402709white strucflood / 40°warm white / 3000KPDF
11402232black strucspot / 15°neutral white / 4000KPDF
11402209white strucspot / 15°neutral white / 4000KPDF
11402532black strucmedium / 25°neutral white / 4000KPDF
11402509white strucmedium / 25°neutral white / 4000KPDF
11402832black strucflood / 40°neutral white / 4000KPDF
11402809white strucflood / 40°neutral white / 4000KPDF

Art. Nr. 11402032


Lamp1x LED Array 25W
Gear / TransfoLED gear incl.
Power supply230V
Adjustabilityh 360° v 90°
Weight1.567 kg
Min. distance0.1
Glow wire test960°
Luminaire power28.5W
Lumen.1913 lm
Efficacy67 lm/W



11241405Track cover plate AluPDF
11241402Track cover plate BlackPDF
11241401Track cover plate ShWhPDF
11241305Track connector flexible AluPDF
11241302Track connector flexible BlackPDF
11241301Track connector flexible ShWhPDF
11240705Track connector 180° surface AluPDF
11240702Track connector 180° surface BlackPDF
11240701Track connector 180° surface ShWhPDF
11241205Track connector X AluPDF
11241202Track connector X BlackPDF
11241201Track connector X ShWhPDF
11241105Track connector T left AluPDF
11241102Track connector T left BlackPDF
11241101Track connector T left ShWhPDF
11241005Track connector T right AluPDF
11241002Track connector T right BlackPDF
11241001Track connector T right ShWhPDF
11240805Track connector 90° inside AluPDF
11240802Track connector 90° inside BlackPDF
11240801Track connector 90° inside ShWhPDF
11240905Track connector 90° outside AluPDF
11240902Track connector 90° outside BlackPDF
11240901Track connector 90° outside ShWhPDF
11242005Track connector 90° recessed inside AluPDF
11242002Track connector 90° recessed inside BlackPDF
11242001Track connector 90° rec inside ShWhPDF
11242105Track connector 90° recessed outside AluPDF
11242102Track connector 90° recessed outside BlackPDF
11242101Track connector 90° rec outside ShWhPDF
11240605Track power feed surface left AluPDF
11240602Track power feed surface left BlackPDF
11240601Track power feed surface left ShWhPDF
11240505Track power feed surface right AluPDF
11240502Track power feed surface right BlackPDF
11240501Track power feed surface right ShWhPDF
11241705Track power feed recessed left AluPDF
11241702Track power feed recessed left BlackPDF
11241701Track power feed recessed left ShWhPDF
11241605Track power feed recessed right AluPDF
11241602Track power feed recessed right BlackPDF
11241601Track power feed recessed right ShWhPDF
11240305Track profile recessed 2m AluPDF
11240302Track profile recessed 2m BlackPDF
11240301Track profile recessed 2m ShWhPDF
11241930Track profile recessed inst bracketPDF
11242405Track profile recessed 1m AluPDF
11242402Track profile recessed 1m BlackPDF
11242401Track profile recessed 1m ShWhPDF
11240105Track profile surface 2m AluPDF
11240102Track profile surface 2m BlackPDF
11240101Track profile surface 2m ShWhPDF
11242205Track profile surface 1m AluPDF
11242202Track profile surface 1m blackPDF
11242201Track profile surface 1m ShWhPDF
11241805Track suspension kit 3m AluPDF
11241802Track suspension kit 3m BlackPDF
11241801Track suspension kit 3m ShWhPDF
11241505Track electric internal connector AluPDF
11241502Track electric internal connector BlackPDF
11241501Track electric internal conn ShWhPDF


Single square LED 2700K spot Tre dim GI black struc polair diagram